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Email has nearly become the leader in communication tools for both the home and the workplace. Most companies rely like on email to communicate with clients, customers and other businesses on a daily basis, most of them utilizing Microsoft Outlook. The program offers more benefits than the average webmail service but as with anything, hardware or software failures can render data loss. A sudden loss of email access and data could be catastrophic so a regular outlook backup is essential to prevent or minimize the impact of a failure.

The outlook backup is best stored on an external media such as CDR and DVDR disks, flash drives or any external storage hardware in the case of larger volumes. Assuming you have created a new PST backup folder on your chosen media, locate the file, or group of files on the hard disk that holds the email data. The locations of the PST (.PST) files you need to copy are buried in the profile of the user. Keep in mind there may be more than one folder, the main folder containing current emails and others containing archived mail, if the user has created any.

Older versions of outlook made PST backup difficult, the files were hard to find. In newer versions, the files are generally located under File>Data Management or the Tools>Account Settings tabs. Any file containing the PST extension should be burned to your external media. There are other extensions that could be copied as well but PST backup will ensure you can recover always important lost email. If your outlook version allows, try right clicking on "Personal Folders" and access the data management files to backup that way. Restoring the file is a simple as copying the PST backup files to the same folder or folders you found them in.

There are add-ons to Microsoft Outlook that will automatically create a regular PST backup at set intervals. The add-ons work best on current versions but can be used as far back as Outlook 2002. Browse the internet and you will find software developed to aid in backup and restoration of your emails, accounts, contacts and settings or transfer of data and accounts to other machines.

Proper outlook back up should be part of every thorough risk management plan. Every time outlook is opened by anyone to send or receive email, changes and additions are made. These changes mean a new outlook backup will need to be made. Realistically, backups aren't made every time someone uses the program but a daily one is Incredimail support reasonable and will ensure fairly current information can be restored. With any business relying heavily on email communication as a lifeline and important archive mail that could very well be needed in the future, a simple backup will mean no regrets.